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Most of Steve’s talks center around space flight and his love of exploration. He is also able to portray a day in the life of an astronaut, and relate what it is like to travel to, work, and live in space. But Steve also likes to incorporate humor and personal stories from his life that helped him achieve his goals, such as personal improvement and perseverance.  Plus, stories and lessons learned from his time at NASA working with elite teams to accomplish very difficult goals. Concepts like passion, dedication, leadership, how to be a great team member, and learning and moving on from your mistakes.  And of course, he likes to share stories from his time in space, which include how beautiful and fragile our home, Earth, is and how much his geography improved while living aboard the ISS for almost six months.



Space Flight, Leadership, Teamwork, Personal Growth, Innovation, Technology, STEM, Overcoming Challenges, Diversity, Adventure, Fitness, Work Environment


STEM Leadership Alliance Summit, Cebu, Philippines

“Commander Swanson is a passionate and inspirational leader. Since he flew three missions (two Shuttles and one Soyuz), he provides a unique perspective of two Space Programs, NASA and the Russia Space Agency.  As he describes each mission, it is easy to understand why he was selected to be an astronaut. His sense of humor and passion is apparent. He is a great leader that inspires and creates passion in others and through his message, I certainly walked away motivated. He is charismatic, yet humble and approachable with all audiences. Commander Swanson provides a heartfelt message about his time in space and how we all must embrace our Earth, the atmosphere is so thin and fragile, and we all need to do our part to keep it safe.”

- Kelli List Wells, Founder, STEM Leadership Alliance


Interview and Speaking Engagement Clips
Space Station Live: Astronaut Steve Swanson Interview
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Astronaut Steve Swanson Visits Goddard
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Interview with NASA Astronaut Steve Swanson
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